Casería de San José

Activities ~ Workshops

In our Caseria:

In addition to the pleasures of the swimming-pool, you can also enjoy:

-Walking on Margen Izquierdo del Pantano.

-Create your own mandala in the sand of arena.


-Listening recorded music.

Simply request further information on any of the following:


-Attending concerts and dance performances such as Flamenco

-Party events


In the immediate area:

Sports activities:

Tours on horseback.


Quad/Vespa / bicycle tour trips.

Kayak or sailing on the lake.

The Valdearenas beach (Iznájar).


Cultural activities:

 Iznájar, Rute, Lucena, Priego de Córdoba, Cabra, Carcabue, Archidona, Antequerra, Zuheros ... and ...of course, Córdoba with its Mezquita, Granada and the famous Alhambra, Málaga with its  Picasso Museum and the new Center Pompidou. Also, Jaén, Baeza, Ubeda, Ronda, Montoro, .... these are just some of the must see places nearby.

Sevilla, Cadiz, Tarifa -which is 2 hours away by car- are recommended to visit in 2 days.

Natural activities:

El Torcal, la Subbética, el Caminito del Rey, la Sierra Nevada, las Alpujarras, ....

The Mediterranean coast is an hour's drive from the Caseria and to enjoy skiing, you need one and a half hour's drive.

Internships, workshops and seminars

We offer you the possibility to use the multipurpose hall with equipment for a reception and/or the organisation of seminars for personal as well as artistic, creative and pedagogical objectives.